Here’s what you can expect.

Get a competitive offer.

Selective, but aggressive.
We are known to be extremely selective in our acquisition process. But when we identify a brand we believe in, you can expect us to aggressively outbid the majority of potential acquirers.
Fair and transparent.
Everyone says they're fair. We go to great lengths to prove it. Throughout any discussions with Heyday, you can expect nothing less than absolute transparency and straightforward answers.
Backed to do business.
With more than $800 million in funding, we are backed to discuss and execute the acquisition of nearly any size company.

Streamlined valuation.

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Introductory discussions.
Soon after contacting us, we’ll arrange introductory discussions.

If your business meets our investment criteria, we’ll move on to more formal evaluations.
Letter of Intent and due diligence.
Heyday issues a non-binding Letter of Intent to acquire your business. We also request and review information on your company's financials, supply chain, marketing activities, legal and tax functions.
Legal and closing.
After we’ve completed our due diligence, we strive to be as efficient as possible with final purchase agreement negotiations. Sellers typically receive their cash within 15 days of signing the final documents.
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Flexible deal structure.

Our entrepreneur partners are at the heart of everything we do at Heyday. Therefore, our acquisitions are never “one-deal-fits-all.” Together, we'll structure the payout and exit that’s best for you—including the option to own equity in Heyday.